Introducing Booksource Exclusive Decodable Collections Aligned to the UFLI Scope & Sequence

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If you are struggling to find decodable texts that align with the UFLI Scope & Sequence, look no further! Booksource makes it easy for educators to find and implement decodable texts that align with the UFLI Scope & Sequence and meet the needs of educators and emerging readers alike. 

According to Booksource Product Manager, Meredith Murray, Ed.D., "A challenge for teachers who are implementing UFLI Foundations can be finding and bringing in books from all the publishers and series available that support instruction, lesson by lesson. We’ve done the work for educators, with curated collections that support the teacher's instruction and gives kids the opportunity to practice their new skills with connected text in various book formats."

What exactly does Booksource offer?
Picture this: 545 decodable titles spanning grades K-2, handpicked and meticulously organized to align to the UFLI Scope & Sequence. Each set includes a range of 2-4 connected texts per concept, ensuring ample practice opportunities. 

"Booksource's curated collections make it simple to find materials for each lesson, tailored to the UFLI progression,” says Murray. “With titles organized by the latest skill taught and an average decodability rate of 88%, our collections provide ample practice opportunities and integrate seamlessly into lesson plans. By offering high-quality, engaging, and diverse reading experiences, these collections equip teachers with the right books, at the right time in instruction, to help emerging readers thrive." 

Plus, they're ready to go straight out of the box! All the books are placed in labeled bags by lesson, and each book is also labeled by lesson for easy integration into lesson plans.

How did Booksource curate these collections?

Our team left no stone unturned in the curation process. Drawing on years of experience and a keen understanding of educational best practices, each title was carefully reviewed down to the word and matched to the progression outlined by the UFLI Scope & Sequence. These hand-selected titles offer diverse storylines, engaging illustrations, and high-interest content. By combining titles representing 37 series and more than 20 publishers, we've created a rich tapestry of reading experiences. Plus, some of these decodable titles are only available in these collections.

Who will benefit from these collections?

In short, everyone! Principals, curriculum specialists, and Title I directors will find these collections invaluable for supporting literacy initiatives. Educators using the UFLI Foundations program will appreciate the seamless integration into their existing lessons, while K-2 learners will thrive with access to high-quality, decodable texts to practice their new skills. And with funding opportunities available through Title I, state grants, and core adoption supplements, there's never been a better time to invest in literacy for your students.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Booksource's Collections Aligned to the UFLI Scope & Sequence and unlock the power of literacy today!

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Meet Dr. Murray
Meredith Murray, Ed.D., is a certified Level 1 Dyslexia Practitioner with extensive experience tailoring individual, multi-sensory lessons at the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Southern Illinois. She has 20 years of experience serving the field of education as a classroom teacher, Writing Project fellow and leader, frequent presenter, university professor, and educational product developer at Booksource. As a leading classroom teacher, she studied how students connect to diverse literature and its impact on building a community of active readers and changemakers. As a researcher and product developer, Murray explores collaborative pedagogy and student ownership of reading. 

With a master’s degree in Learning, Culture, and Society, and a doctorate degree in Collaborative and High Impact Instruction, Murray has become an expert in leading teaching reform through action research, design thinking, and inquiry as practice. When she isn’t partnering with educators, Murray is playing Ultimate frisbee, hiking with her dog, or reading with her book club.

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