8 Reasons to Encourage Students to Read Book Series

Getting students hooked on a series means that there is a built-in next book that they are already excited to read. When the series ends they will be looking for a similar one to fly through during independent reading time!

Discover eight reasons that encouraging students to read more series will help them in and out of the classroom.

1. Reading a series for enjoyment builds reading momentum.

Once readers get excited about the first book in a series, it’s likely they will pick up the next book and the next. When students can look back at two, three or 10 books they really liked, they will associate reading with having fun and begin to identify as strong readers.


2. Series build comprehension and reading fluency.

It’s easier for kids to read and understand a new book when they are familiar with the setting, characters and plot of the rest of the series. Following beloved characters and a consistent narrative structure allows students to predict patterns and understand plot structure. As their comprehension and fluency grows, so does their reading confidence!


3. Series build reading confidence.

A favorite book series can become an easy comfort read that kids can return to between more difficult books. By mastering their favorite series, they feel more confident to try new, more challenging titles. Soon, once-reluctant readers will consider reading one of their favorite hobbies.


4. Series help readers transition to independent reading or to chapter books.

Students may find the transition from guided reading to independent reading or from picture books to chapter books daunting. When readers get excited about a topic in their favorite series, they challenge themselves to read longer or more difficult books under the same theme.


5. Series help kids find their own interests and identity.

Falling in love with one series may prompt students to seek out similar books. Engaged readers begin to identify their likes and dislikes and will find various ways to learn more about their new, favorite topics. From books to audiobooks to podcasts to documentaries, engaged readers become well-rounded, enthusiastic learners.


6. Popular series help kids make friends with similar interests.

As they discover their identities, students share their favorite hobbies and books with one another, forming meaningful friendships based on shared interests. They may even swap books and encourage each other to be stronger readers!


7. Reading a series may introduce readers to a rewarding new hobby.

Engaged readers may try out new activities mentioned in the pages of their favorite titles and find a pastime at which they really excel. For example, if a student decides to try soccer after they read an engaging sports series, they now have two healthy hobbies, one mental and one physical.


8. The first series is just the beginning.

Reading new series becomes a chain of discoveries. Students find more and more exciting topics to learn about and develop a love of learning across many subjects. Reading for fun has many lifelong benefits both in and out of the classroom, and it can start with one engaging series.

Ready to share engaging series that can help students develop a love of reading? Check out these terrific titles.  

If you need help selecting the best series for your students, start by filling out this short form.


Educators, what series have you seen kickstart students’ love of reading? Let us know in the comments.


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