Top 5 Reasons to Create a Booksource Classroom Account

1. Keep track of inventory and stop losing books

We know one of the biggest challenges in maintaining your classroom library is trying to keep track of everything. Booksource Classroom® is here to help! With your FREE Booksource Classroom account, you can keep a comprehensive list of every book in your library, how many copies you have and where they are located.

2. Increase student engagement

Looking for more ways to engage your students and have them take ownership of their reading? Look no further! With individual profiles, your students can check out and return books on their own. Then, from your Teacher Dashboard, you can monitor all checkouts and returns for your classroom library.

“Booksource Classroom helps me show my administration that students really are checking out books and helps me defend the need to expand the classroom library.”

3. Organize and customize your title information

Every classroom library is different, so we’ve added customizable options to Booksource Classroom for you to track your library your way! In addition to accessing Booksource’s database of official leveling information, publisher annotations, subjects and interest levels, you can create your own custom genre, location and condition tags.

For example, you can:

  • Tag each title or individual copy with the genre that best fits your library organization.
  • Audit book conditions upon checkout and return.
  • Create and track custom locations for each classroom library book.

Not only will this help you get a better picture of the books in your classroom library, but it will help your students figure out what titles interest them.

4. Expand your classroom library with recommendations

Booksource Classroom’s newest tool, LibraryLens®, is a FREE audit tool used to evaluate your classroom library against Booksource’s expert standards, identify the gaps in your library and find recommendations to fill those gaps. Whether you need new and up-to-date titles or want to add more diverse and inclusive titles, we recommend specific books to meet the unique needs of your students. The better your selection, the more likely it is your students will find the right book for their interests.

“I love LibraryLens. It allows me to see what strengths and weaknesses my classroom library has. It also allows me some data to show my principal when I am asking for funds for more books. I can show her exactly what I want and why.”

5. Have we mentioned it’s FREE?

Booksource Classroom is provided to teachers at no cost. Yes, you read that correctly—totally FREE! We know your classroom library budget is tight, and because we are book enthusiasts ourselves, we want you to save that money for more books. So, we’ve made Booksource Classroom a completely free resource to help you inventory, organize and grow your classroom library.

What are you waiting for? Click here to create your FREE Booksource Classroom account and get organized today!


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