Why Educators Have Been Choosing Booksource for 50 Years

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Since our company’s founding in 1974, Booksource has prided itself on being a family-owned business dedicated to inspiring engaged reading, supporting educators and providing exceptional customer service.  

As classroom reading experts, we focus on five distinct areas to help educators select the right books to engage every student. 

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Each student’s reading experiences are unique and helping them become stronger readers takes a diverse selection of titles for all grade levels. Book collections from Booksource contain the variety students need; in fact, we carry the most genres, authors and variety of any vendor. We have books in collections that educators love, like Phonics and Decodable Texts, High/Low or Budget-Friendly Best Sellers. Plus, we have the titles students want to read, like in our Fresh New Reads, Graphic Novels and extensive series collections.

We have the critics’ favorites, too. 
We curate the best selection of authentic literature from over 3.5 million print titles. Each of our collections, including our classroom library collections available by grade level, feature a wide variety of titles to challenge each reader. They also include the diverse themes, characters and storytelling styles that students enjoy.  

Once your classroom library is in place, we can help you maintain and organize it with Booksource Classroom, our free management tool. Use Booksource Classroom to keep track of your classroom library inventory, evaluate your books and analyze student reading trends.  

Can’t find the title you want or not sure what you’re after? We can work with every major publisher or the top independents to track down what you need or we can provide expert recommendations.

Having an up-to-date and varied library is crucial to me. Booksource is really good for new teachers to help develop a comprehensive collection, and its guidance for classifying and building a classroom library is good for seasoned teachers.” 
-- Eric, Orinda Intermediate School, California


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Our book collections are meticulously curated by the Booksource Collection Development team. The literacy professionals that lead this team are former teachers, librarians and curriculum experts, and they know which books fit each type of reader – from reluctant readers to the most voracious. Our team members read and review hundreds of books each year to bring the best to educators. They consistently assess our collections to make sure all books are relevant, appropriate and engaging to fit every classroom’s needs.
Through our trusted partnerships with top publishers, our annual presence at the biggest trade shows in the industry, and our candid, on-going conversations with educators like you, our team members are always learning more about the best books to engage students and making sure those books are available for you, exactly how and when you want them. 

"If you need help building your classroom libraries, go to Booksource. I tell them what kind of books and titles we need, and they send back recommendations. Booksource is so helpful and saves me precious time!
-- Kristina, Coney Island Prep Lower Elementary, New York 


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We recognize there are many companies, like Amazon, that can box up single book titles and ship them to your address. But with Booksource, schools, districts and educators are our only customers, meaning our customer service model is built around serving the education industry.

Our customer service efforts are led by our Literacy Accounts Managers, your dedicated assistants that can provide quotes, customized booklists, title recommendations, labeling and sorting options and more. We understand that knowing which books to carry in your classroom library, what titles your students enjoy and how to get books where they belong can seem daunting. We're here to save you time, money and headaches by doing the work for you. 

And when your order is ready to go, keep an eye out for the boxes with the bright yellow labels! Qualifying orders receive free shipping and free book labels, and all orders will be shipped to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re shopping for a single classroom or handling orders for your entire district, let us do the heavy lifting. 

Teachers have a million things to do at the start of the school year. I think it’s important to send them books that are labeled, leveled and organized. Having the labels placed on books, shrink-wrapped in sets and shipped to buildings was amazing. I can’t even believe how easy it was.” 
-- Stacie, Berkley School District, Michigan


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Booksource is proud to provide books to school districts of any size, including serving as the primary provider to some of the largest districts in the United States. We have best-in-class capabilities and resources to meet any district's needs, and we will work with you to ensure your order is how you want it and arrives where it needs to be. 

For orders involving multiple classrooms, your Booksource shipment will be organized by classroom for easy distribution to teachers and students – no need for your staff to try and figure out what books go where. The same goes for orders that span your entire district: your order will arrive already organized, labeled by school and grade level. Each school’s order will be assembled by Booksource and can be shipped wherever you’d like, whether it be to a school or a district warehouse. 

"I’m the one who orders books for our teachers. At any given time, I may have 25 elementary reading teachers. Booksource is a gem to work with. They get everything done, they’re spot on, and they make me look good.”
-- Lynn, East Meadows School District, New York 


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Following the examples set by our company’s founder, Sandy Jaffe, Booksource operates as a family-first company that prioritizes honesty, authenticity, transparency and diversity. We are guided by our founding principles and core values, to not just sell books, but to sell engaged reading for all students. 

Today, Booksource is led by Sandy’s son, Neil Jaffe, and powered by a dedicated staff of classroom reading experts who have spent decades helping build thousands of classroom libraries.  

Let us help you build yours.     

"I appreciate your company. My first buying experience has been perfect. I have had several communications with [your team] and they have all been great!”
-- Jill, North Kansas City School District, Missouri 

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