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Learning Isn't Just for Students!

In addition to providing books for classroom libraries, Booksource offers resources to support literacy in classrooms – all available below for you to access at your convenience.

If you need expert help building a classroom library or selecting new titles to refresh an existing library, fill out this short form and we’ll contact you soon.

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Camila the Star Image

Camila The Star
Interest level: K-2

Finish the Fight Image

Finish the Fight!
Interest level: 3-7

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One Plastic Bag Image

One Plastic Bag
Interest level K-3

Vamos! Image
A Girl Called Echo Image

A Girl Called Echo
Interest level: 8-12

Watercress Image

Interest level: P-3

Girlhood Image

Interest level: 7-12

Hundred Years of Happiness Image

Hundred Years of Happiness
Interest level: P-3