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What is the Booksource Voices in Reading Series?

At Booksource, our mission is to help educators inspire engaged reading. We know the power of stories. Everyone has a voice, and every voice has value.

We are using our platform to amplify the voices of courageous people who are spreading the message that books and reading can create a better world.

Our inaugural voices are Nic Stone, NYT bestselling author and Brittany Hogan, educational equity & diversity consultant, who together form the team of Empathy in Equity. Learn more about their movement, this series and the importance of using books in classrooms to support empathy. We hope you will find inspiration and hope in their stories.

Using Diverse & Inclusive Literature to Foster Empathy, Equity & Change 

The Voices in Reading Series recently hosted a powerful conversation with Nic and Brittany, who discussed their love of books, the need for empathy and how it creates equity. They were accompanied by English teacher, Georgia Parker, who provided practical ways to foster empathy in classrooms through books.

Ms. Parker’s Presentation from the Video

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